Straight From The GO Meet & Greet / Raven

Changing the negative stigmata of Chicago Violence, one shirt at a time Public Meet & Greet, Sunday, November 20, 2016, 12PM-3PM

Chicago has many names: The Windy City, City by the Lake, City in a Garden, Heart of America, even My Kind of Town. Yet, in most recent years, this magnificent metropolis, founded by Jean Pointe Baptiste DuSable, has inherited a new nickname, one that reflects the city as one of the most violent ones in this country. Chicago was nationally depicted in the 2015 Spike Lee movie referred to as “Chi Raq.” This negative connation has profoundly impacted the image of Chicago, and more importantly the pride of its citizens.

Using my passion and love for Chicago, I created the phrase, “Straight from the Go,” and had it placed on tee shirts to dispel and reject the belief that Chicago is by nature a violent city that has no interest in creating a safe community where citizens can live in peace and harmony. I, along with so many important, influential, and productive members of the world community call Chicago home; We are Straight from the “Go”, Chica-GO.

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Straight From The GO Meet & Greet / Raven

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