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Igniting Pride in Her Community

Igniting Pride in Her Community

Growing up a proud Chicagoan, Raven Smith, 21, was dismayed by her hometown’s reputation as a violent city. So, at the age of 16, Smith decided to alter the perception of her city by starting Straight From the GO.... Click to Read Full Article

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Sweet Home, Mizzou

Raven Smith, Mizzou sophomore, is working hard to dispel negative stereotypes about her hometown of Chicago. Smith is the Founder and CEO of a clothing line, turned movement, “Straight from the Go”. The name of the line is a way to instill pride in being...

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Straight From the Go founder takes her message to Mizzou

When Raven Smith was a freshman at Morgan Park High School in Chicago, she liked going to football games. Then one day the sound of gunshots rang out into the crowd. “It was just a stampede. People were getting hurt because they were getting run over,” she says....

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Raven Smith receives Norman Bobins Leadership Award

Raven becomes the youngest recipient of The Private Bank Norman Leadership Award at the 23rd Annual Chicago Neighborhood Development Awards presents by the Local Support Corporation (LISC) Raven Smith wanted to cast Chicago in a positive light. She wanted those living...

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